This is a website for independent authors, by an independent author.  New articles and updates will frequently appear on the page titled “That BLOG Thing,” with category links appearing to the right of any given post to help point you toward the information you might be interested in.

So what is this particular blog all about?  Primarily, the creative and marketing processes behind my new monthly oceanic adventure saga, Blue Daunia, will be discussed… by zombies!  Okay, so I’m just kidding about the “by zombies” thing, but go ahead and google the “by zombies” test to find out why this silly little joke should be important to any writer, yourself included!  That’s a perfect example of one of the many topics which I will attempt to tackle in this blog.

Writing the first draft of any work in progress is, more often than not, the fun part.  But if you’re an aspiring author looking to self-publish, what lies beyond that?  What wonders and horrors await you as you advance past Stage One and move on to editing, submitting, uploading, and marketing?  What mistakes might lie in wait for you on a journey you may well be feeling overwhelmed by, or nervous about?  You see, I am currently going through the process myself, having completed a good deal of it… and that’s what I’m here to talk to you about.

Over the course of this ongoing journey, I will be keeping this website updated with my trials, tribulations, fears, doubts, breakthroughs, results and achievements.  As I was writing the first issue of Blue Daunia, I must have watched over a hundred hours of YouTube videos and digested countless thousands of words worth of articles on the topics of writing and indie authoring, but nowhere did I find anything saying “okay, this is me at step one, this is what I’m doing, this is my plan, here’s how I’m doing it, now I’m on step two and it makes me feel like”… and so on.  I just didn’t come across it, and that’s why I’m here now: to chronicle all the bruises and triumphs and thoughts behind it all.

That being said, I will also occasionally be throwing out a few curve balls, or “breathers” if you will.  In these posts, I will be dishing out the randomness… everything from movie reviews to miscellaneous geekdom to various thoughts on aspects of life both writing- and non-writing-related.  Stay tuned!